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are you ever just reading a book and you come across word that you don’t know how to pronounce so you just go afkjhjdsfsjkdhs in your head

when it’s someone’s name and you have to keep doing that for the rest of the book

And then if that book gets turned into a movie, they will pronounce the characters name and you just sit there in the cinemas like the fuck just happened to me

I’m watching that show botched about people with bad surgeries and stuff. These women who got botched boob jobs and tummy tucks are so sad. I’m so sad for them. They paid money to get something to make them happy done and it ended up making them miserable. Ahhhh!!!
They just took out a woman’s implant I cannot deal with this graphic violence



why does facebook chat only work when my message contains the words Mark Zuckerburg right now



Ok so basically



4chan hacked tons of female celeb iCloud accounts and have already released tons and tons of nudes and like 30 of Jennifer Lawrence’s alone and there are videos too but they haven’t posted them yet but this is very bad :/

do not reblog these leaked images. do not share these leaked images. do not go looking for these leaked images. respect their privacy


i hope iphone 6 is a flip phone

Days when I'm busy: *reads 200 pages of a book*
Days when I have nothing to do: *reads title of book*



Why did Stan Lee make a cameo in The Princess Diaries 2? Was this foreshadowing Disney buying Marvel? Is Princess Mia going to be an Avenger? So many questions


In case you though I was joking

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